By all accounts, it was a simple family vacation planned for San Diego. The hotel, the restaurants, the Chargers tickets…all set. What wasn’t planned for was what to do if the family’s 11-year old daughter forgot her bathing suit. Immediately the search was on so the family could hit the beach.

After an endless number of visits to bathing suit stores in the tri-county area, it became clear that the choice of suits was either too sexy for Dad, or too boring for daughter. “Why can’t we just match this top with that bottom?” Cue lightbulb going off.


That same afternoon at the San Diego Zoo, the girl was asked to pick any of the animals to be the mascot for her dream swimsuit line. With a pause, she said frankly, “A black widow.” “Why a spider?!! “’Cuz she’s always wearing a cute bow, but when she gets mad at her boyfriend…she eats him.”


Right then and there, Smittyn was born.